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Apply for up to £1500 with 6 months to repay



Apply for up to $1500 with 6 months to repay



Credit scores are an important signifier of how well you’re doing in terms of your financial situation. This gives financial institutions and lenders like banks the tool to assess your creditworthiness and ability or readiness to pay a loan. In most loans such as with a home loan, high credit scores is highly favored but it doesn't mean it’s no longer possible to get a home loan even with bad credit.


Get a bad credit home loan or mortgage but only for a short-term. Since these bad credit mortgages come with high interest rates, much like any other bad credit loans, it may not be in your best interest to get one for a long term. Instead, what you can do is get a bad credit home loan for a short period of time; maintain a good credit score; and then refinance with a loan that has better terms and conditions.


Look for a mortgage with an adjustable rate. As stated, loans that are aimed at those with bad credit come with ridiculously high rates. With that being said, it is a better idea if you can shop for mortgage or home loans that instead come with a variable interest rate. In this way, you can regulate the payment amount of your loan.


Talk to a mortgage broker. When lost, the best way to do is to find an expert. If you can go talk to a mortgage broker. In most cases, it’s your mortgage broker that can help you shop around for home loans that come with much better terms and conditions. In addition to that, your mortgage broker can also help you reevaluate your credit history and score. In some cases, you can ask him or her to submit for your file for a rescore. He or she can also help you give your credit score a boost.